Grants and Awards

How to Apply

How to Apply

Our Funding Criteria

Applicants who approach the Foundation for grants assistance should be mindful of the following criteria:

Community Grants Assistance

1.     Applicants or their organizations must conform to Canada Revenue Agency requirements in that they are:

  • a federally registered charitable organization in good standing or
  • an educational institution or
  • a governmental agency
  • or are partnering with a registered charity for the purpose of this application.

2. The grant assistance provided by the Foundation is generally earmarked for specific projects and is not for ongoing operational costs of your organization; expenses incurred prior to your application; debt retirement or mortgage paydown; expenses for conferences or competitions; fundraising expenses; political, religious or commercial activities.

3. There is no commitment by the Foundation for ongoing funding of your organization unless there is an explicit written agreement.

4. The intended beneficiaries of the grant assistance must fall within the geographic catchment area referred to generally as the North Shore, but specifically include the residents of Lion’s Bay and Bowen Island and the municipalities of West and North Vancouver.

5. Your organization operates on the North Shore and has been in operation for at least one year.

6. Your organization provides services in the area of social services, culture and the arts, recreation, education, heritage, sports, or animal welfare.

7. Priority will be given to an organization that has not received funding from NSCF during the past two years.  An organization that has been funded for two consecutive years should wait a year before applying again.

8. Each recipient of a grant should submit a follow-up report at the completion of its project and not less than one year after receipt of the grant.

Judy Dennis Emerging Artist Training Fund

Applicants must:

  • be a resident of the City or District of North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Bowen Island or Lions Bay
  • have completed basic training in the chosen art
  • intend to pursue a career in the chosen art
  • provide one letter of reference as described in the application form
  • intend to use the funding specifically for arts training (i.e. attending courses, master’s classes or working with a mentor)

The Foundation may only provide the grant to a school, registered charity or other “qualified donee” under the Income Tax Act.  The successful applicant or intended teacher or mentor is not paid directly.  Any questions should be directed to the Chair of the Grants Committee at



Grants are awarded annually in November.  Deadlines for applications are:

  • June 15th – for applicants for the Judy Dennis Emerging Artist Award (recipient announced June 30th)
  • September 30th – for applications for general grants assistance (recipients announced mid-November)

* With the exception of the City of North Vancouver Youth Centennial Scholarship, all other scholarships are awarded based on recommendations from North Shore area high schools.

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