Philanthropy for Your Clients

Community foundations are almost as old as Canada. Over the years they have provided a unique vehicle for individual and families to endow to their community a legacy that directly benefits the residents of that community, both today and well into the future.

The information in this section has been prepared with a professional advisor in mind and is meant to assist you should your client wish to donate to the North Shore Community Foundation. We welcome your enquiries and are happy to work with you to assist your clients in planning their philanthropy.

Since established in 1988, NSCF funds have grown through the generosity of many donors and benefactors. Today, the assets under management by the Foundation have grown to over $3 million. The Foundation and its Board pride itself on the prudent management of the funds entrusted to us. Our overheads are extremely low. We operate with minimal paid staff and no permanent office, which means our cost to administer the Foundation is very low.

We are very proud of the funds’ performance over the years, which has allowed us to grant over $1.5 million to deserving groups since we began, while building up capital of over $3.2 million. There are a variety of ways your client’s donation can be put to good use by the Foundation.

Details: contact the President of the North Shore Community Foundation

If your client wishes to donate to an existing Foundation fund, the donation would be used to augment the capital of the fund itself. The investment income generated by the fund would then be disbursed according to the terms of the fund’s trust agreement. This income is granted annually to support a variety of social service, recreational, cultural, and environmental groups serving the North Shore.



The Foundation welcomes bequests from individuals in their wills and is able to provide advice on how such bequests could be used. Should your client wish to include a bequest to the North Shore Community Foundation, we can provide assistance to you to ensure that the bequest is earmarked for either specific or general use.

Details: contact the President of the North Shore Community Foundation

Establish an Endowment

If your client sees a need within the North Shore community that is currently not being met by the priorities of our existing set of funds and wishes to donate to the Foundation, we can provide assistance to you. We can provide guidance around establishing the terms for a trust. By endowing a fund your client will be able to define the terms of how the proceeds of the fund will be used going forward.


Private Foundations and Charitable Trusts

If your client has a private foundation or charitable trust and wishes to transfer such funds to the North Shore Community Foundation, we can provide assistance to guide you through this process and the advantages this provides in terms of administering these funds going forward.

Details: contact the President of the North Shore Community Foundation

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