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What We Support

What We Support

 Did you know the Foundation …

  • Has granted over $1.5 million in grant assistance to deserving charities since 1988?
  • Has 6 scholarship funds that provide close to $45,000 annually in scholarships to North Shore students, including one that provides 2 scholarships to each of the 7 North Shore high schools annually valued at $2,000 each?
  • Has supported various arts initiatives, provided support to assist homeless seniors and mental health education among youth through area high schools?
  • Organizes an annual charitable golf tournament that has raised to date in excess of $900,000 for North Shore community groups?
  • Prides itself on the very low overhead costs incurred to manage the Foundation (1.14% of revenue in 2014). The majority of the work is undertaken by a dedicated team of volunteers, friends of the Foundation and Board members.

There are many organizations that have benefitted from the generosity of donors and benefactors to the North Shore Community Foundation over the years.   Below we present a listing of the various funds administered by the Foundation to give you a better idea of the range of organizations and causes supported.

Our Endowment Funds

An endowment fund is a fund that the Foundation holds in trust permanently. The North Shore Community Foundation currently operates and administers 26 funds.  These funds support a variety of causes that can be broadly grouped into the following categories:

The funds listed below (with the exception of the Ward Animal Fund) are open and can accept donations from the public.  Should you wish to donate to an existing fund or perhaps are considering setting up your own community endowment, please contact the Foundation directly.

Arts, Culture and Heritage

Founders’ Cultural Fund (est 1991)
The Founding Directors established this fund to support cultural activities on the North Shore.

District of North Vancouver Centennial Heritage Fund* (est. 1992)
The District established this fund to mark its centennial in 1991. This fund supports heritage activities in the District, as determined by the Foundation.

District of North Vancouver Community Heritage Grants Fund* (est. 2009)
The District established this fund to provide awards to homeowners for heritage preservation within the District, as determined by the District.

District of North Vancouver Public Library Endowment Fund* (est. 2000)
This fund was set up to enhance library services in the District of North Vancouver.

Fund for Arts on the North Shore (FANS) Fund* (est. 1995)
Established by the Arts and Culture Commission of North Vancouver, the annual income is distributed by the FANS Society for the general advancement of the arts on the North Shore.

North Vancouver Community Arts Council Youth Cultural Development Fund* (est. 1993)
Established by the North Vancouver Community Arts Council, the fund’s income is used by the Arts Council for youth cultural development projects.

North Vancouver Museum and Archives Endowment Fund* (est. 1993)
The fund was established by the Friends of the North Vancouver Museum Society.  The income is used to support programs of the North Vancouver Museum and Archives.

Community Development

Marie Pearce (Founder’s) Fund* (est. 1989)
Marie Pearce was a key force in establishing the North Shore Community Foundation and served as its first president.  The Fund is a general-purpose fund. The income can be directed to any community need, as determined by the Foundation.

Mayors’ Community Trust Fund* (est. 2008)
Each year the North Shore Mayors’ Golf Tournament contributes 100% of its net proceeds that exceed $50,000 to the Mayors’ Community Trust Fund.  The income is used to support emerging social and environmental issues and needs on the North Shore, as determined by the Foundation

North Shore Neighbourhood House Endowment Fund* (est. 2008)
This fund was created as a result of a local supporter pledging two generous gifts for the North Shore Neighbourhood House.  The income is given to the North Shore Neighbourhood House to support programs that benefit seniors, families, kids and youth on the North Shore.

St Martin’s Anglican Church Fund* (est. 2012)
Harold Stringer, a former director of the Foundation, left a legacy in his Will to be administered by the Foundation for the benefit of St. Martin’s Anglican Church, including church maintenance, activities or other purposes, as determined by the Church Trustees.

Community Wellbeing

Capilano Golf Endowment Fund (est. 2014)
The Capilano Golf and Country Club established this fund to provide awards for scholarships for employees or young golfers attending post-secondary institutions, environmental projects or other causes as determined by the board of the club.

Evergreen House Music Fund* (est. 2012)
This fund honours the memory of Dorothy Alsop, a long-time volunteer at Evergreen House and also the late wife of the Foundation’s past president.  Its income is given to the Lions Gate Hospital Foundation to provide musical entertainment to residents of Evergreen House.

Heed Youth Sports Fund* (est. 2013)
Chern Heed (a past director of the Foundation) and Georgia Heed established this fund to provide grants for children and youth (ages 5-16) who cannot afford necessary sports equipment or training, as well as North Shore youth sports teams and/or organizations providing physical activities for needy youth as determined by the Foundation.

North Shore Union Board of Health Legacy Fund* (est. 1998)
The fund supports the promotion of community health needs on the North Shore, as determined by the Foundation.

Olga Kempo Women’s Fund* (est. 1990)
Olga Kempo was one of the founders of the Foundation.  She established this fund for projects, as determined by the Foundation, which advance social, educational, recreational and cultural equality for women.

Sheila Jones Seniors’ Fund* (est. 2004)
This fund was started by Alan Jones in memory of his wife Sheila Jones, a tireless volunteer and community worker and long-time resident of the North Shore.   Interest from the fund supports seniors’ activities on the North Shore, as determined by the Foundation.

Together Against Violence Legacy Fund* (est. 2005)
The District of North Vancouver established this fund to support activities, selected by the Foundation, whose aim is to reduce the incidence of violent behaviour in our community.

Trevor Cabeldu Fund for Children* (est. 1995)
Trevor Cabeldu was an early director of the Foundation who also served as its Secretary for a number of years.  He established this fund to support projects, as determined by the Foundation, that benefit children on the North Shore up to the age of 13.


City of North Vancouver Youth Centennial Scholarships* (est. 2008)
Established by the City of North Vancouver to celebrate the centennial of the city’s founding in 1908, this fund provides annual scholarships to youth who have demonstrated outstanding community service and financial need, as selected by the City of North Vancouver, and who are pursuing post-secondary education. Application forms and terms of reference for the scholarships are available through this link

Colin Jones Memorial Fund* (est. 2006)
Set up to honour the memory of Colin Jones, a beloved English teacher in North Shore high schools, the fund provides scholarships to English as a second language (ESL) students at Carson Graham Secondary School who are going on to post-secondary education, as selected by the ESL faculty at Carson Graham.

Judy Dennis Emerging Artists Training Fund* (est. 1994)
This fund was established by a legacy from Judy Dennis, whose artistic interests were wide-ranging. She had a particular interest in encouraging artists to develop their skills in any discipline and was the driving force in establishing what is now known as the North Vancouver Community Arts Council. The fund assists emerging artists with funding for ongoing training, as determined by the Foundation**.

North Vancouver Minor Hockey Scholarship Fund* (est. 1996)
Set up by the North Vancouver Minor Hockey Association, this fund provides scholarships to encourage skilled hockey players to continue their education after high school.   Scholarships are awarded annually at the discretion of the Association.

Rotary Fund* (est. 1993, revised 2012)
Established by the Rotary Club of North Vancouver, the Club selects grade 12 students from the District and City of North Vancouver, based on academic qualifications and financial need, who are going on to post-secondary education.  Children of Rotary Club members are not eligible for this scholarship.

Seanna and Nicole Strongman Memorial Awards Fund* (est. 1992, expanded in 2010)
Scholarships in the amount of $2,000 are awarded annually in June to two graduating students from each of the seven North Vancouver senior secondary schools.  Award winners, who must be continuing on to post-secondary education, are selected by the faculty of their respective schools for their all-round achievements in citizenship, leadership, arts and culture, athletics, and academics.

Animal Welfare

Ward Animal Fund (est. 2006, revised 2014)
Dennis and Valerie Ward left the residue of their estate to the Foundation to provide 1/25th of the capital each year, along with the income from the fund, to provide grants on the following terms: a) the grant must be used for the benefit of domestic pets, domesticated animals or wild animals (“Animals”), b) the recipient may operate an animal shelter, petting zoo or farm, or refuge on the North Shore or provide foster care, services or programs for the benefit of Animals not necessarily restricted to a specific location on the North Shore, c) the grant must be used to improve the lives and conditions of Animals, provide public education related to Animals or cover medical, veterinary or pharmaceutical expenses for Animals. As this fund is to eventually wind up, no further donations can be accepted.


Administration Fund* (est. 1987)
This fund was set up by the North Shore Community Foundation to provide an ongoing, stable source of funding for the administration of the Foundation.   *This open endowment fund can accept donations from all sources. ** Grant seekers wishing to obtain support from the Judy Dennis Emerging Arts Training Fund should apply using the dedicated application form used for this Fund.

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