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The major part of the Foundation’s work each year is managing the funds endowed over the years and disbursing their investment income in support of worthy community organizations. The Foundation is also active in providing the following services:


Are you a lawyer, an investment advisor, or individual wishing to set up an endowment or make a bequest in someone’s memory? Are you responsible for a family foundation but wish to be relieved of the administrative burden? The Foundation can provide assistance in setting up a fund to ensure that the donor’s wishes are protected or in administering a pre-existing fund. Contact us at info@nscommunityfoundation.com

Funds Management

This is a core responsibility of a Community Foundation – to ensure a careful stewardship of the funds entrusted so that over time an investment return is generated that is then invested in the community through a regular annual grant, all the while ensuring the fund’s principal is protected. Our funds are managed in accordance with Canadian Federal Tax law.

For Corporations and Individuals

Existing private foundation funds or charitable trusts can be transferred to the Foundation in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines while ensuring the wishes of the original donor are carried out. The Foundation will ensure that the funds entrusted are managed responsibly in perpetuity. Further info please contact us at info@nscommunityfoundation.com

For Charities and Non-Profit Organizations

A North Shore charity seeking sustainable funding and holding money raised or donated through fundraising activities can establish an endowment fund with the Foundation. By placing your endowment in the care of the Foundation, you can take advantage of the Foundation’s professional management and eliminate the administration required by your organization. This is an attractive solution for smaller non-profits that do not have the in-house expertise to manage these funds. In this way, you benefit from the management expertise of our Foundation, while ensuring that your requirements are strictly followed. Contact us at info@nscommunityfoundation.com

Public Speaking

Members of the Foundation’s Board are happy to speak at community meetings about what the North Shore Community Foundation does and why, and to explain the role of Community Foundations in Canada. Should your community service organization wish to learn more about Community Foundations and the work of the North Shore Community Foundation, please contact info@nscommunityfoundation.com

Raising funds with prize balloons at the NSCF’s annual fundraiser, the North Shore Mayors’ Golf Tournament, May 2014. Turning Point Recovery Society was 2014’s recipient of $50,000 from the proceeds of the tournament. Seen left to right are Val Nay, Director of Human Resources, Fundraising and Promotions, Turning Point Recovery Centres; Jan Argent, NSCF Past Director; Sandra Dodd, NSCF Past Director; and Brenda Plant, Executive Director, Turning Point Recovery Centres.

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